CUSS Kiosk Application

Taking digital to the next level with SAS

SAS is working at full speed to digitalize its services and make travel easier with cutting-edge digital solutions. The next generation of the SAS self-service CUSS check-in app was launched 2017, with a fresh interface design, improved workflow and new features. SAS’s and Objective's agile development process means that new features can be introduced on a regular basis, such as implementing features for new regulations such as prohibition of lithium batteries or smart seasonal offers such as allowing passengers to check-in one extra bag with ski boots for free.

A continued collaboration

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) is Scandinavia’s leading airline, carrying more than 30 million passengers on 170 aircraft annually, with 125 destinations in Europe, US and Asia. As a pioneering digital innovator, SAS has a digital infrastructure strategy to streamline operations, increase staff mobility, give customers a better traveling experience and maintain profitability. The use of new technology, such as mobile apps and self-service kiosks, allows the processing of a significant number of passengers to be decentralized from the airport itself. This allows a better use of airport staff resources and reduces bottlenecks while, more significantly, allowing more departing passengers to be processed. The user experience can mean the difference between a successful and a failed implementation of self- service technology. Anyone who has ever used the internet to buy something has a horror story of an online booking process freezing part way through or leaving you in a dead end. There are numerous benefits to having a good user interface based on human-centered design. A seamless user experience can attract late adopters of new technology, such as elderly passengers. At Objective we have an in-house UX and UI Design team and we work closely with our customers, meaning that we are able to quickly adapt based on customer feedback or changes in requirements. This efficiency and adaptability makes us the obvious choice to develop user friendly interfaces for any air travel product.

We aim to provide a first class and smooth experience for our travelers at every step of their journey
Tommy Nordin
System Specialist, SAS Airline & Airport IT

The user interface

Crucially, a good user interface can also increase the loyalty of customers. This is important because customer loyalty has been dented by the introduction of self service. Although this has led some airlines to go down the lowest-price route, other airlines such as SAS with a longer-term view are realizing that brand, customer relationships, quality of product and placement are important as we look to the future. For people who are happy using self-service, it can be incredibly frustrating if they then have to abandon the self-service check-in kiosk and move over to a manual counter.

A SAS CUSS kiosk

The SAS self service CUSS app covers the entire check in process in a simple and intuitive UI, including the printing of boarding passes and bagtags.

The process of checking in with the app takes around one minute. For travel outside the Schengen area the passengers have to prove identity by using a passport scanner, and then there are about seven touch screens to go through depending on the complexity of their booking. After the self service kiosk process the passenger can just collect their boarding pass and attach the printed bag tags and proceed to the self service bag drop. This makes the whole check-in experience very rapid and convenient for the passenger.

Thanks to Objectives work on the kiosk, passengers no longer think twice about using the SAS self service CUSS check-in app, and want to do even more themselves, such as express a preference for seating, to indicate membership of loyalty programmes and make changes to existing bookings. The SAS self service CUSS app has allowed SAS to improve their customer experience while also reducing staffing costs.

The SAS self service CUSS check-in app's state of the art user experience gives our travelers exciting ways to engage with the brand. For us it does not stop at a just good product - it is about a continuous development process. We have a lot of ideas and Objective's team is working hard to bring them to life.
Tommy Nordin
System Specialist, SAS Airline & Airport IT