GURU Document Management

Fast, reliable, and tailor made document management systems for Wideroe Ground Handling.

Ground Handling Application

Improving the everyday workflow of SAS ground handling personnel.

Fast Track and Ticket Validation

Simple and secure, the new standard in lounge passenger verification tailored for the airline industry.

CUSS Kiosk Application

Taking digital to the next level with SAS.


Software boutique

Our goal is to be your local software boutique. Easily accessible, but highly competent. Wall to wall carpets and fluorescents lights are not part of our company culture. We have established our head office in the former Swedish Armed Forces headquarters built in 1910 and located in the central parts of Stockholm. Both guests and coworkers enjoy the cozy and grand atmosphere. Being surrounded by a beautiful environment increases productivity and frees creativity. The military framing reminds us of the importance of a clear and systematic approach and good leadership.

Human approach

We work with computers - but we are not computers. Our company culture understands that the world is constantly changing and that flexibility is a key factor to success. The agile Scandinavian work process permeates all our projects. The work principle "development as you go" is much appreciated by our customers, and there is no reason for the customers to put loads of work in detailed plans and specifications. For us, a problem definition is enough. Our commitment does not stop with delivering state of the art code and software products. A success factor is considering the change management process during the entire project. This is our edge.

Innovative mindset

We believe that innovation is the most important thing we have – our most valuable asset. Our ambition is to go to market as a role model, to inspire instead of competing. In order to be innovative you have to reinvent yourself over and over again. The key to success with this process is sharing. That is why we are a key player in Avinor Labs, where we together with Avinor jointly analyze trends and look at innovative IT solutions for the smart airports of the future.



Our hallmark is to work exclusively with our own staff. Using subcontractors is contrary to our values. Objective invests heavily in the team structure and we believe that personal development is what develops our company. The group dynamics are characterized by openness, youth and a lively approach to all tasks. Our customers are multinational enterprises, but still humans and are therefore treated as our friends. Professionalism for our coworkers is about work discipline and being gifted with a relationship-building ability.