GURU Document Management

Fast, reliable, and tailor made document management systems for Wideroe Ground Handling

When Widerøe Ground Handling began to research document management solutions for editing and distributing their operations and management manuals, they didn’t imagine choosing a medium sized software boutique as Objective and the product GURU. However, after several demonstrations and discussions it became quickly apparent that Objective was the only provider that could supply Widerøe Ground Handling with a cost effective solution tailor-made to meet their needs. With a cloud-based and platform independent technology the many benefits of Objective's product GURU was enough for Widerøe Ground Handling to partner up with Objective.

Widerøe and Objective

Widerøe Ground Handling is Norway's largest ground service provider and provide services such as check-in, assistance to passengers, loading and unloading of baggage and cargo, reporting to flight personnel, and various services to the aircraft such as water service and de-icing. Widerøe Ground Handling handles nearly 185,000 aircraft turnarounds annually, is present at 41 locations throughout Norway and has more than 1800 affiliated employees. Widerøe Ground Handling continuously strives to optimize their processes, without compromising on their high level of safety and quality.

The initial challenge for Widerøe Ground Handling was to solve the problem of how to migrate thousands of procedure documents to a new, more efficient system. During the onboarding process Objective helped Widerøe Ground Handling to automatically import the current aviation manuals and other documents into GURU and convert them to smart web-based documents. Widerøe Ground Handling was very satisfied with the on boarding process and surprised at how fast it was possible to finalize the migration process.

It is rare that a software company is so close to their customers. Objective's reactive and active attitude makes them very easy to work with.
André Østli
Chief Information Officer, Widerøe


Editing manuals can be time-consuming – but not with GURU. The automated modules take care of all the tasks that usually take a lot of editing time. This reduces workload and stress for Widerøe Ground Handling's administrative staff. If something goes wrong Objective is just one phone call away and always happy to help solve the situation very quickly. GURU also offers full traceability. In GURU you’ll work smoothly in an automated user friendly environment. It allows you to simply edit and review manuals, while also monitoring your compliance and much more, all in one system! You can always work with the latest and most updated version of any document. In addition, all manuals are stored on the cloud.

"GURU makes our lives easier in that we get an effective read and sign process that assures that we are always compliant. I can confirm with certainty that the process from preparing to distributing is much faster than it was before ", says Hedda Dyrstad, Manager Procedure and Customer Support at Widerøe Ground Handling


To simplify and highlight the important features of a document management system, the user is met on the front-page with a search function and potential news from their respective supervisors. The search functionality is optimized to give the users a seamless experience.

Ground Handlers seek to maximize efficiency while maintaining today’s high safety standards and regulations. From the start it was apparent that both companies would benefit and push each other to develop Objective's product and Widerøe Ground Handling processes. Objective welcomes this evolution of the product. Due to Widerøe Ground Handling's specific needs, they helped to push the product to places it might not normally reach. In the end this fact makes the product more stable, more intuitive, and more flexible. Because of this, Objective tries to push the envelope to meet the most specific customer needs.

Objective's goal is to constantly improve the GURU product in order to give its users and Objective's customers the most powerful and intuitive tool in the aviation industry.

Working with Widerøe Ground Handling has been invaluable in terms of product development. The close relationship with Widerøe Ground Handling helped us to create the best document management solution available in the aviation industry.
Adriaen Kamenický
Chief Operating Officer, Objective Solutions