Fast Track and Ticket Validation

Reducing queuing times and improving passenger experience in the city of LEGO

Billund Airport always seeks to optimize its team’s efficiency. Objective helps Billund Airport to enhance security and take advantage of the self-service revolution. With a growing volume of passengers, Billund needs to manage the flow of people to avoid increased queuing times. Volumes fluctuate during any given day and this can easily lead to bottlenecks when checking boarding passes – a situation which creates stress for travelers and staff alike.

A growing demand

Billund is an international airport located in the west of Denmark. Since the airport was opened in 1964 it has experienced remarkable growth. It has expanded from offering only two daily domestic flights, to the international airport it is today with an annual passenger throughput of 3,5 million making it Denmark’s second largest airport. Nearby is Legoland, the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen. Billund’s strategy is to continue to grow which means a constant focus on security to ensure all travelers have a safe and calm experience into and out of the airport.

Objective powered pre-security

Using the automated pre-security gates powered by software from Objective, Billund Airport manages increasing passenger volumes. At the gates, passengers scan their boarding passes themselves before proceeding through to security. The self-service gates read the barcode off either a printed or digital boarding pass and allow the passenger entry. On passage, the traveller is registered in the airport’s system. Billund Airport has a total of four pre security gates as well as two FastTrack gates and a wider manually operated gate for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs. This combination means that the airport can offer its passengers a better service and at the same time reduce levels of staffing.

The solution is reliable and stable and has been operational since the day it was installed.
Henning Larsen
IT Manager, Billund Airport


With the help of Objective's pre-security software the airport can manage the increasing passenger volumes. Before the installation of automated pre-security entrance control from Objective airport staff scanned the boarding passes manually. At its simplest, Objective's software reads the passenger’s document to ensure it is a valid boarding pass, the basic test for whether they are allowed to pass through a security point. This alone takes much of the effort away from the agents at the control points, leaving them free to deal with any other processes they may be responsible for, such as image capturing and security profiling.

Stability is the core of the pre security software. Malfunctions reset automatically or are handled by the staff through the dashboard. From a business intelligence perspective the system is very valuable for the airport operator as it helps with staff planning and passenger flow analysis which can be fine-tuned and monitored through the very intuitive and fully integrated dashboard.

During peak hours, when the passenger flow reaches its maximum, serving every single passenger can become an issue. This is when Objective's pre-security software reaches its highest efficiency. Billund Airport has several gates for the passengers to use, and these can be combined to ensure that the passenger service rate is always at its highest level. Since the airport doesn't have the bottleneck anymore, the passenger saves time which can be used in the departure hall, in the shops and in the cafes increasing the airport profit.

In addition, it leads to faster throughput so our passengers have more time to enjoy the shops, lounge and restaurants.
Jan Skov
Head of Security, Billund Airport

Billund chose to work with Objective for many reasons. One of the things that was very important was the agile way of working and the possibility to tailor the software to Billund's specific needs. The software is robust and very intuitive for both the staff and the passengers. For passenger, the pre-security process has been reduced to a simple scan of their boarding pass, and they're on their way. For the staff, there has been a significant reduction in the levels of stress, mainly because the queues are gone. Additionally, the contactless approach to pre-security improves hygiene for both staff and passengers. The passengers are very happy with the solution, and when the passengers are happy, the staff is happy.

The airport understands that when its staff can do more in less time, its passengers will have a better and smoother experience from parking to gate thanks to the pre-security software delivered by Objective.

We are very happy with the fast track module and functionality. This module gives our passenger a premium experience and give the airport a new revenue stream
Henning Larsen
IT Manager, Billund Airport