Access Validation

At its simplest, the ticket validation software is designed to automatically scan and validate airline passenger boarding cards at outbound security control points and through that securing the landside/airside boundary. It also validates the proper location of passengers, thus strengthening the security of checks and avoiding the presence of unauthorized passengers in the departure area.

With full support for all IATA and ICAO barcodes, NFC and a wide range of self-service e-gates, the Ticket Validation software helps airports enhance security and take advantage of the self-service revolution. Passengers enjoy reduced queuing times at security and improved passenger service. In addition it has the capability to manage priority access for certain frequent or high-contribution passengers. These access permissions are defined by the airport according to agreements made with the airlines. Read more about these features under the Fast Track section above.

The Ticket Validation software reads the passenger’s document to ensure it is a valid boarding pass, the basic test for whether they are allowed to pass through a security point. This alone takes much of the effort away from the security agents at the control points, leaving them free to deal with any other processes they may be responsible for, such as image capturing and security profiling. At each scanning location, the Ticket Validation software centrally records the details of every boarding pass scan. A wide-ranging infrastructure for real-time monitoring collects information about the state and use of all deployed Ticket Validation clients as well as any server and browser applications. Staff may filter clients, statistics, and history in a variety of powerful ways and obtain comparative graphs of usages, rejects and problems.

The Ticket Validation software also provides support for more advanced features, such as: separate international and domestic channels, biometric enrollment and verification checks. Through a integration against the airport’s Flight Information System (FIDS/AODB) a wide range of advanced features are unlocked e.g. the ability to retrieve a list of departure times for every flight. The Gate Browser is a module of the Ticket Validation software suite for listing passengers and their last known positions within the airport. The Gate Browser is made available to airlines directly on the agents boarding position e.g. the ACUS environment. This tracking tool is becoming essential to enable airlines to decide whether or not to wait for certain passengers depending on their last known position within the airport.

Passport check and validation through APIS system is also supported, as well as connectivity to the airline DCS:es. Ticket Validation can be connected to the airport BHS/BHR systems, enabling baggage check. Obtaining a consistent and friendly user interface that leaves security staff in no doubt as to the validity of passengers has been a priority in the development of the Ticket Validation software.

Key features

Full BCBP Support

FIDS Integration

Friendly UI Design



Browser Support

Bespoke Layout

Data Logging

Mobile Scanner

Key benefits
Increased passenger processing speed
Decreased risk of human error in passenger validation
Improved control over passenger movements
Scalable data storage solutions
Improved error response with comprehensive statistics and monitoring
Support for popular mobile scanners, for example Zebra TC57

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