Self Service Solutions

Closely aligned with todays travel patterns, the Automated Self Tagging System simplifies self-tagging by providing the airport with a mobile and quick bag-tag solution. Passengers quickly scan their electronic boarding pass get their bag-tags in seconds - providing a more seamless start to their journey.

The Automated Self Tagging System allows passengers that have checked in online, via web or app, to print bag tags at the airport. Automated Self Tagging is integrated towards Amadeus web services via our proprietary Amadeus interface OASIS. The passenger is able to choose the number of bags to be checked in, with the total being limited based on the quota set by the airline. Tags are then printed using a bag tag printer integrated in a casing with sleek design and minimal foot print. Airports benefit from passengers spending less time in non-commercial areas of the airport.

The Automated Self Tagging System has the benefit of housing two bag tag printers that operate independently from each other, allowing two passengers to prints tags at the same time. It is also designed to use bag tags that are folded in a box rather than on a spool, which increases capacity significantly and decreases maintenance costs. The hardware of the Self Tagging System was developed in collaboration with a Norwegian product development company that manufactures the chassi out of steel.

The system can advantageously be used as a complete solution for offsite tagging on cruise ships and hotels. The Automated Self Tagging System allows for self-tagging to be moved beyond the boundaries of the airport. Passengers can simply scan their boarding pass to identify themselves and then their bag tags are printed out automatically. When they arrive at the airport, all they have to do is drop off their pre-tagged bag.

Key features

RFID Support

IATA Compliant

Large Tag Capacity

Quick Refill

Remote Config

CUSS Compliant

DCS Compatible

User Friendly Design

Multi Leg Tagging

Minimal Footprint

Key benefits
Improve passenger experience at the airport
Avoid queues for lower cost than a complete CUSS solution
Speed up airport check in process
Modern design with a minimal footprint
A turnkey check-in solution for airports and airlines
Upgradable for future evolution
Easily installation and administration
Customizable to fit all unique business and branding needs

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All our apps are delivered on a software-as-a-service model via Google Cloud Platform that we set up and maintain. This means that no software installation is required, and our services are highly available at a wide range of devices. The services are scalable and secure.

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We provide a failover cluster and have a guaranteed uptime of 99.7%. Data is stored as an SQL database, and backend is based on Kubernetes. We also provide and maintain any VPN connections, as well as deal with all IT security issues.

Centralised management

We manage all our services for you, including daily maintenance, preventative support, and comprehensive usage statistics is included with all our products. This means that you don't have to worry about the operation of our services, and can focus what's important to you.

Analytics and reporting

As a complement to our services we provide a powerful statistics and analytics tool where you can see usage information and statistics on a daily basis. On request, we can provide extended 24/7 support where we guarantee a rapid response to any issues, at any time of the day.

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