Gate Automation Platform

The purpose of the Gate Automation Platform (GAP) software system is to provide a software platform where different airport IT systems can be integrated and be remotely operated and monitored. The goal is to increase efficiency and reduce costs at smaller airports.

GAP gathers all systems needed for the boarding process in one application, integrating with systems such as FIDS, GIDS, Ticket validation, eGates, AODB, BRS systems, Amadeus, Flightradar24, Airline DCS, SITA WorldTracer, Airport PA system, among others. This integration allows a gate agent to manage the boarding process with just a few clicks on an Ipad. GAP has an average passenger processing success rate of 98%, the aircraft turn around process is decreased, and no staff is needed at the gate. One operator is able to board several flights simultaneously through the dashboard.

GAP has a wide selection of features, such as one-click boarding, remote handling of IRR situations, WorldTracer integration for lost luggage services, PA management, and pre-security eGate management. All of the steps and processes that a gate agent needs to go through are presented in a logical order and GAP is designed to require minimal training. We’ve found that ground handlers only need one test flight departure before being comfortable in the system.

By combining all the steps for the gate agent, we’ve also been able to increase on-time performance, which directly affects the ranking of airports. The GAP product contributes to increased punctuality due to the fact that the gate agent doesn’t need to stand behind a counter anymore. Everything can be solved on an iPad and the mobility saves a lot of time.

The GAP system also allows you to use prerecorded boarding announcements. This reduces the workload for the gate agents, increases the quality of the messages, and reduces the risk of human error. The GAP software turns a standard analog PA system to a cloud based version where announcements can be recorded and saved in the database for future use and categorized based on the zones in which they play. GAP also allows for special and personalized announcements and is fully compliant with the official boarding process used by Star Alliance.

GAP allows for priority boarding management as well as zone boarding, where you divide the boarding process in to groups in order to get the most efficient boarding process possible. For all this we have a statistics module that help us to fine tune the processes. This put together gives the system owner a very good picture of where the bottleneck is and what can be improved in the future.

The system is flexible when it comes to expanding the solution to include several airlines. Objective has developed an internal configuration module which the customer can use to configure new airlines without having to update the source code at all.

Key features

One-Click Boarding

IRR Management

Luggage Tracking

PA Module

User Settings Module

eGate Management

Kiosk Integration

Flexible Configuration

Key benefits
Quick and efficient boarding process
Reduced risk of delays due to slow boarding process
Shortened aircraft turn-around process
Workload alleviation using remote support
Extensive source for statistics and monitoring
Accessible luggage and passenger tracking

At Objective we believe in long-term collaboration and holistic product delivery, which is why we offer comprehensive after sales support, maintenance, and server cloud hosting for all our products. We deal with your problems so that you can focus on what you do best.

Powered by the cloud

All our apps are delivered on a software-as-a-service model via Google Cloud Platform that we set up and maintain. This means that no software installation is required, and our services are highly available at a wide range of devices. The services are scalable and secure.

Real time monitoring

We provide a failover cluster and have a guaranteed uptime of 99.7%. Data is stored as an SQL database, and backend is based on Kubernetes. We also provide and maintain any VPN connections, as well as deal with all IT security issues.

Centralised management

We manage all our services for you, including daily maintenance, preventative support, and comprehensive usage statistics is included with all our products. This means that you don't have to worry about the operation of our services, and can focus what's important to you.

Analytics and reporting

As a complement to our services we provide a powerful statistics and analytics tool where you can see usage information and statistics on a daily basis. On request, we can provide extended 24/7 support where we guarantee a rapid response to any issues, at any time of the day.

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