Document Management

Have you ever tried to move an image or table in Word? Did it mess up your document? In GURU you’ll work smoothly in automated user friendly environment. GURU is a document management system tailored to the aviation industry. It allows you to simply edit and review manuals, while also monitoring your compliance and much more, all in one system! Too good to be true? Let us show you.

Editing manuals can be time-consuming – but not with GURU. Our automated modules take care of all the tasks that usually take a lot of editing time. GURU also offers full traceability. Revision bars are automatically added whenever there is a change. The entire process of creating new revisions, reviewing, and completing audits is managed in one system. You can always work with the latest and most updated version of any document. In addition all manuals are stored on the cloud. During the on boarding process we will help you to automatically import your current aviation manuals or other documents into GURU and convert them to smart web-based documents. You can also upload and manage other files, like film clips, PDFs and external links.

Publishing aviation manuals is now clearer for everyone involved. There is no need to send the document as an email or save it on a drive. Every user with access gets a notification once a document is published. There are no document duplicates. You and your colleagues will always see the latest revision. All previous revisions are saved in the same document as a revision archive. After publishing documents, you can control and track the distribution through the read and sign feature. This means that you can keep track of which users have read the latest revision of your aviation manuals.

One of the best parts about the editor is that you are in full control of both the document design and also the workflow. Everyone who is working on the document will always have access to the latest version. You can create templates for your entire team of editors so that all your manuals look coherent. Send approvals, rejects, or comments on proposed changes back to the editor. View all document changes quickly by using the change track button. Your team can read and review all the aviation manuals to which they have access.

Documents are always accessible through the GURU app. Download all your operation critical documents. Our document management system for aviation manuals provides efficient updating of any kind with minimum data transfer. You will always be able to have your aviation manuals ready on any device.

Key features

User Management


Read and Sign

Controlled Distribution


Structured Workflow

Device Independent

Easily Customisable

Risk Reduction

Offline Sync

Key benefits
Automation helps you focus on writing
Collaborate globally with shared document editing
Automate repetitive tasks
Reduce staffing costs by increasing efficiency
Import aviation manuals and turn them into smart web-based documents
No document duplication
Automated document distribution
Every user working on a document will always have access to the latest version
Feedback using comments

At Objective we believe in long-term collaboration and holistic product delivery, which is why we offer comprehensive after sales support, maintenance, and server cloud hosting for all our products. We deal with your problems so that you can focus on what you do best.

Powered by the cloud

All our apps are delivered on a software-as-a-service model via Google Cloud Platform that we set up and maintain. This means that no software installation is required, and our services are highly available at a wide range of devices. The services are scalable and secure.

Real time monitoring

We provide a failover cluster and have a guaranteed uptime of 99.7%. Data is stored as an SQL database, and backend is based on Kubernetes. We also provide and maintain any VPN connections, as well as deal with all IT security issues.

Centralised management

We manage all our services for you, including daily maintenance, preventative support, and comprehensive usage statistics is included with all our products. This means that you don't have to worry about the operation of our services, and can focus what's important to you.

Analytics and reporting

As a complement to our services we provide a powerful statistics and analytics tool where you can see usage information and statistics on a daily basis. On request, we can provide extended 24/7 support where we guarantee a rapid response to any issues, at any time of the day.

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