App Development

Objective delivers several apps to cover many of the needs of airports and airline companies. All of these apps are delivered on a per-customer basis and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual customer's needs.

Web and mobile check-in

Web check-in allows passengers to check-in, provide APIS data, select seats, and to print their boarding pass and baggage tags at home. Depending on backend system capabilities, this accessible check-in application offers various options throughout all the steps of the check-in process. Once they have completed their check-in process successfully, passengers may choose to print out their boarding pass or receive it on their mobile phone or as an e-mail. Payments are conveniently offered via STRIPE integration, VIPS, Swish, and MobilePay.

Lost luggage system

The Lost luggage system is composed of three separate applications aimed at different parts of the process. The first application is aimed at the passenger, and allows them to register lost and damaged luggage via a standardized process. The app is integrated with SITA WorldTracer via a certificate.

The other two applications are aimed at airport and delivery personnel. The airport scans and registers any lost luggage which is then handed over to a delivery firm. After having delivered a piece of luggage, the delivery personnel scans the luggage again and collects a signature from the passenger. A delivery confirmation is then saved in a database as proof of delivery.

Disruption dashboard

Disruption Dashboard is a web app used by agents in the SAS Passenger Care Center (PCC) to support their daily operations by providing real time information about flight and passenger disruptions. After a flight has been delayed or cancelled, the PCC agent can search for flights in the Disruption Dashboard in order to retrieve information about new passenger itineraries. The agent is also able to see if passengers are entitled to compensation in the form of hotels or meal vouchers.

Key features

Seamless Integration


User Friendly Design


Platform Independent

Error Handling

Robust Infrastructure

Modular Architecture

Develop As You Go

User Management

Key benefits
Bespoke apps tailored to customer needs
Modular app design allows for complete customization
Well suited for Zebra TC57 scanner
Compatible with Android and iOS
Fully hosted (SaaS) solutions gives you a fast install and a simplified IT strategy
Intuitive design for reduced training requirements

At Objective we believe in long-term collaboration and holistic product delivery, which is why we offer comprehensive after sales support, maintenance, and server cloud hosting for all our products. We deal with your problems so that you can focus on what you do best.

Powered by the cloud

All our apps are delivered on a software-as-a-service model via Google Cloud Platform that we set up and maintain. This means that no software installation is required, and our services are highly available at a wide range of devices. The services are scalable and secure.

Real time monitoring

We provide a failover cluster and have a guaranteed uptime of 99.7%. Data is stored as an SQL database, and backend is based on Kubernetes. We also provide and maintain any VPN connections, as well as deal with all IT security issues.

Centralised management

We manage all our services for you, including daily maintenance, preventative support, and comprehensive usage statistics is included with all our products. This means that you don't have to worry about the operation of our services, and can focus what's important to you.

Analytics and reporting

As a complement to our services we provide a powerful statistics and analytics tool where you can see usage information and statistics on a daily basis. On request, we can provide extended 24/7 support where we guarantee a rapid response to any issues, at any time of the day.

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